What does it mean when a scanner is offline?

When a scanner is offline it means that Broadcastify.com (where the app gets most of its audio from) isn't currently receiving audio from the person that volunteered to provide it for the scanner feed you're looking at (a volunteer uses their real scanner and a computer to send their scanner's audio to Broadcastify.com's servers, when you use the app to listen you're hearing audio that's being relayed by Broadcastify.com). 

Sometimes, when a provider's feed is offline they'll add a note to their feed's page on Broadcastify.com indicating why their feed is offline and/or when it'll be back up. You can see if the provider has done this by pressing the Info button that's at the top of the player screen after selecting the feed from the directory. If the provider hasn't done this then there's no way to tell when their feed will be back online.


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